Emoji: Gimmick or Modern-Day Hieroglyphics?


Many of us use emoji on a daily basis over cross-platform messaging services, but are they just a gimmick or should we just fully embrace their diverse possibilities?

The emoji isn’t just a digital trend, it is arguably the most profound and universal modes of communication since the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  They transcend generations, languages, gender, sexuality, culture and nationality. Just like grammatical variations can change the context or interpretation of the written word; the emoji is equally open to different interpretations and often used like punctuation.

toffee4108-emoji-word-hiphopA transition from the humble emoticon (don’t confuse the two); the emoji has become a “go to” shorthand for expressing the context of a statement or message. The colon parenthesis evolved into a yellow smiley face, reminiscent of an acid House logo. The “Smiley” once held negative connotations with the ecstasy pill, but it is now a celebrated symbol of its literal form – a smiley, happy face.

These days the emoji has been developed to identify with the end user’s persona, lifestyle and emotions; with hair variations, body parts, cuisine, sports, animals and even vehicles. You can even send a personified happy poo – hey, who doesn’t like talking sh*t at times?

Try having a conversation with your friends using only emoji. It’s certainly the quickest way to find out if you’re on the same wave length, or not.

The emoji isn’t just a digital trend, it is arguably the most profound and universal modes of communication since the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

In a world that restricts your communications to 140 characters (or 280 if you’re one of Twitter’s chosen few) the Unicode pictograph is a God send for the British because they also facilitate a level of humour, sarcasm, irony and satire, only matched by the meme. Who knew an aubergine, or a peach would become euphemisms – well, in some parts of the world.

On the subject of the World, we’re still waiting for the full Solar System. The Earth, Sun and Moon just won’t suffice when talking to Tim Peake, NASA or the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

A recent Apple announcement told us to expect 56 new additions to the Unicode emoji family in an iOS11 update, inclusive of a genderless person, a breast-feeding lady, a ‘comfortable shoe’, a pretzel and even a giraffe. However, where the f*ck are the ginger emoji?

I did contact Unicode Consortium back in September and was advised to expect the ginger emoji at some point in 2018. I’ve waited 18 years to be able to identify with an emoji. I’ll wait with baited breath for the said ginger emoji launch and continue to default to the Simpsons inspired, jaundice yellow female emoji; it’s close enough, for now.

However, where the f*ck are the ginger emoji?

toffee4108-emoji-seriouslyFor those willing to stump up nearly a thousand pounds for the latest Apple iPhone X, they’ll have privileged access to the next generation of emoji – the ‘Animoji‘ (animated emoji) … that is if they can get passed the impending intellectual property lawsuit from Japanese company, Emonster. The emoji will express another level personal mannerisms like never before, including audio! Let’s just hope they’ll integrate the ginger emoji. Meh, I’m not bitter.


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