It’s that time of year again; that annual ritual of critical self-reflection.

Yep, you guessed it… it’s almost my birthday.  I’m about to enter the latter end of another age bracket on survey forms – the 25-34 year olds; yet this is in no way a “mid-life crisis” piece – as if!

“But why are you telling us this when you so clearly dislike your birthday?” – I don’t hear you asking. Well, whilst I still dislike my birthday, I’m nearly half-way through my 30s… and actually, I’m smiling.
Tonight I watched Geri’s 1990s: My Drive to Freedom [BBC 2] a nostalgic documentary by Geri Horner (nee- Halliwell) for the BBC #MyGeneration season, looking back on her memories and experiences from the 1990s. This has inspired me to explore how the 90s influenced the person I am today.

Call me what you will: a millennial, the product of baby-boomer pastime or even a Thatcher child.  I am all of these things. However my current existence has undergone a transition from the ‘Age of Discovery’ to my ‘Age of Enlightenment’… and whether you realise it or not, we all go through these phases.

Now, historians may wince at this declaration because the ‘Age of Exploration and Discovery’ is academically acknowledged to have occurred somewhere between the 15th and 18th centuries – and no, I’m not that old! It was influenced by the Renaissance and was a time of globalisation, innovation and ideology – sounds familiar, right?

A review in the Financial Times [10th July 2016] on the ‘Age of Discovery’, by Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarina, suggests that:

‘…we should call our era “the second Renaissance” because it is marked by the same blend of wild intellectual innovation, trade, migration and social friction seen five centuries ago.’ 

Additionally, the actual ‘Age of Enlightenment’ occurred between late 17th – late 19th centuries and consisted of great advances in politics, philosophy, science, communications and latterly, Romanticism.  Anyone feeling a spot of historical déjà vu?

From the age of seven I began to understand the world around me, the person I could be and the things that could be achieved.  I may have been born in the 1980s, but my ‘Age of Discovery’ took place during the 1990s. Royal Britannia was ruling the waves once again – so to speak – and I was embarking on a journey of self exploration and development.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will publish a series of nostalgic musings reflecting on the cultural, political, technological and creative influences of #MyGeneration.  I may even attempt to predict what the next ‘age’ will have in store.

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